Sunday, January 26, 2014

Excerpt from my book, Lust Lies Deciet

An excerpt from my book, Lust Lies Deceit...  This is a draft, I have yet to go over it completely but what ever.. lol.. the fun is in the process...and I am still working on the ending of the book so it may change, but hope you enjoy...

Kristyn Fantom


She awoke with his lips on hers as he kissed her gently. He slipped her wrists into soft wide cuffs which then clipped together. She did not struggle, she trusted him completely and simply waited as he cuffed her wrists and ankles. Obediently she lay with her wrists over her head as he slipped the rope through the loops on the cuff. He pulled her tight, stretching her legs open and her arms over her head. “I promise you, you will always be safe with me. I will always take care of you. Do you trust me?” He whispered to her as he placed a blindfold on her.
She nodded, “Yes Master.”
“Good girl.” he whispered again and kissed her lips.
With her legs tied open she could feel the remaining warmth of the sun shining through the windows warming her thighs. The room was quiet, the blindfold blocked out all light. She listening for his movement, a clue to where he may be and what he would do to her next. She felt him move between her legs and gasped as she felt something whisper soft glided across her nipples then across her stomach then between her legs. She shivered, as the feather glided over her clit then back up her stomach and under her chin leaving trails of ticklish sensations across her bottom lip that made her want to bite it. She lay perfectly still as he tied the wand firmly to her right inner thigh so that it sat right up against her clit then switched it on. She almost jumped when the vibrations started, her moans filled the room soon after. She lay, writhing against the binds as the wand pulsated against her. She moaned as he went from soft sweet tender caresses to biting then licking, pinching then caressing, the combination was intoxicating. She moaned as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, with one hand and slapped them. She turned her face towards him, opening her mouth begging for a taste of his cock as he ran two fingers the length of the her drawing them away slick with clear her juices and put his fingers to her hungry lips. Moans, turned to grunts, then whimpers louder and louder as the intensity of the pleasure from the deep vibrations moved through not only her clit but her entire pussy, wave after wave of pleasure until she felt as if she could no longer breath. Somewhere in the distance of her mind, she heard him whispering to her, “Your amazing, your beautiful, my pet, my sweet sweet pet...” she shuddered in ecstasy. She lay still as he removed the wand then lifted her hips off the floor as he plunged his hard cock deep inside of her making her moan as she writhed against him. There was a loud slapping sound as his balls slapped noisily against her ass, her juices gushing out around the base of his cock with every thrust. The darkness was comforting to her, she thought of nothing more than the sensations he was creating inside of her body, inside of her mind and how she wanted to give him every part of herself. She was helpless to stop him and that aroused her somehow, it made her feel free to accept his will, to release her self to him, to be used, fucked and enjoy it all. Her senses heightened as she lay bound in the dark, time collapsed in on itself and she responded only to the smell of his cock by her lips, his touch, his will and his pleasure. He used her as he spoke to her in whispers both erotic and reassuring. The only words she moaned, or even thought were “Yes Master.” It was in those moments, those dark quiet moments that she lost herself to him, he owned her, they both knew it, they both wanted it and they both needed it.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Patience is a virtue

The blindfold keeps me in the dark as I kneel, my face upturned, I wait. He stands in front of me, dangerously close, I can feel him yet he does  not touch me. Don't ask me how I know, perhaps the power of his gaze, but I  can tell he's looking down at me.   I smile up at him then invitingly  open my mouth, in hope that he will give me what I want.

My Sir knows I crave his taste, he knows I want him in my mouth but still he makes me wait. I try to be patient but I can feel his cock close to my lips. So very close and yet he still makes me wait. 

Impatience is setting in, I want to taste him, to cradle him in mouth and worship him with my lips and tongue.  My heart is racing, my hands are bound and without thinking I strain against the ropes, just a little closer and he will be mine.

His laughter is quiet, under his breath, I know he is pleased to see me want him in my mouth so badly.  He caresses my cheek and I nuzzle his palm.

  I feel the sting of his hand against my cheek.  As he swears under his breath.  I am pleased.  He does not strike me out of anger,  this I know, it is his passion, his need to give me what he knows I want but must make me wait for.  I know he wants it as much as I, but I will wait, because my obedience pleases him.

Just another moment, I will make my move. I may be punished for my boldness  but it will be worth it. 

I feel his cock close to my cheek. I stick out my tongue finding a drop of his nectar and the swollen head of his cock.  I hear him sigh as I wrap my lips around him and suck gently.

He is now mine.  My lips and tongue explore his manhood and I lick and suck his balls, and for making me wait, I take little bites because it makes him moan. The way I like.

On my knees for him


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Counter top delights...

Jake, Antony and I decided together again for another threesome and so we met up at Jake's house the other afternoon. At the door he greeted me by whispering. " I can't wait to get my lips on your pussy."  I laughed and put my arms around his neck, Antony buried his face in my neck and Jake began unbuttoning my black blouse.  Just then, the front door opened and a very pretty older woman walked in and upon seeing us on the couch stopped dead in her tracks. " Jake ?" she looked at him and she did not look happy, " What the fuck are you doing?" she ask. Unsure of the situation I stood up and Anthony moved in front of me as if to protect me. Jake reach out and took my hand, he pulled me forward and turned to his wife and said, "This is the woman that I told you about."

I smiled and shook her hand looking at Jake wondering what he had told his wife about me. Jake smiled down at me, "My wife and I have been swinging for years. and although I had no intention of sleeping with you when we first met I just couldn't help myself." I didn't know what to say, he continued. "At first I thought you were really too shy for my taste, but once I saw how lustful, and sensual you were in the bedroom I couldn't help myself. I love a woman who loves sex and when Janet got home from work I made love to her telling her all about you." Janet put her arm around her husband,  "I  can take the rest of the day off work if you want to play." and before I could say anything she reached out put her hand on my hip and pulled to her.  I looked at and could tell he was wondering if we were going to have a foursome, or if he and Jake we're going to be stuck on the side with a show. Knowing him, either way was good with him. Janet lean forward and her lips touch mine, they were soft sweet, a little bit of lip gloss, a fruity flavor. I remember thinking it was nice first kiss, confident and sweet, simple but with the promise of passion.

"Mmm, she does kiss good" holding my hand she led me to the kitchen.  Our heels clicked across the tile floor as we made our way to the kitchen island. "Do you prefer white wine or liquor?" she asked removing glasses from the cabinet. " I would love a glass of wine." She turned to the wine refrigerator pulled out a bottle of white wine and poured me a glass . After a few sips she put her class down and came to towards me again. "Jake told me that you have a fantasy about being with a woman." she smiled as she stood in front of me moving closer, pinning me against the counter. "I would love to be part of your fantasy, I would love it even more if I could make your fantasy come true." Intrigued, I smiled and asked, "Make my fantasy come true?"

Jane kissed me,  her sweet lips probing mine as her tongue gently touching mine.  She sucked gently on my lower lip as her hands made their way to my breasts; cupping my breast with one hand pinching my nipple as her  other hand made its way to the hem of my short skirt. I was excited by her touch, the her softness of her skin and her confidence.  I didn't stop her from kissing me, instead I kissed her back as passionately her lips touched mine. As her hand went up my skirt I tremble slightly, her soft fingers touched my freshly shaved pussy and I couldn't help but moan against her lips. The wine glasses forgotten the counters next to the fridge, she whispered in my ear "jump up for me." I didn't exactly as I was told and once I was sitting on the counter Janet began to unbutton my blouse then put her lips to my nipple through my bra as her hands found their way up my skirt. " Mmmm, you're not wearing underwear are you?" I shook my head no and she kissed my neck, her fingers gently opening my pussy lips as she slid her middle finger towards my clit making small circles with the slick pussy juice that was now dripping from me. 

I wanted to touch her,  kiss her breasts, have her nipples in my mouth and suck on them as she was sucking on mine. Button by button she undid my blouse, sweet lips making small kisses as the skin with exposed, moving lower and lower, the entire time her left hand never stopped spreading the sweet juices between my pussy lips.  Finally it felt like I was going to come, grinding against her exploring fingers, she was driving me mad. " Shhh, I told my husband I wanted a chance you, alone just me and you not them." she motioned at the kitchen island that I was sitting on, " Do you want me to taste you" she asked. 
 "Can I taste you too?" I whispered a little out of breath."
"I think that can be arranged," she look at me and smiled and begin removing her clothes. I sat up with my legs curled around me wearing only my skirt that was now bunch stuff around my waist. the cold granite of the counter top touched my warm hairless lips and shivers up my spine. Janet remove her clothes slowly so that I could watch her. First she took off her skirt, her blouse and then her bra and panties. She climbed up on the counter top next to me, sitting on her knees, she started kissing me again. My hands found their way to her breasts, I caress them gently, running my fingers across nipple as we kissed. She began pushing me back so that I had to lay down as she lay down next to me. We explore each others nipples with our lips and tongues, quiet moans stifled by kisses. She finally lay on top of me with her body pressed against mine and she kissed me sliding her fingers inside of me.  I moved her off of me so that I could lay down next to her my hand made its way to her sweet hairless pussy as  she ran her finger back and forth gently quickly across my hard little clit.   I found her wet and hot waiting to be touched. she moaned as I let my fingers explore her. putting two fingers inside of her I twisted my wrist and I move my hand back and forth sliding my fingers in and out of her, her wet juices coming out with every movement of my hand. she was moaning louder grinding against my hand and I wanted nothing more than to put my lips to her clit and taste her sweet juices. She took my hand and started licking her sweet juices off my fingers.

 I couldn't help myself, I kissed her, just as I love to be kissed. I buried my hands deep in her long brunette hair and kissed her long and deep. She pushed me away from and at that moment I wasn't sure what to think, had I gone too far with that kiss? Unsure I sat back and looked at her and waited for her to make the next move. She put her hands on my shoulders and instructed me to lay down on the counter again, "Don't move." she said as she got off the counter moved towards the end where my feet were. "Slide your ass down here so I can eat your pussy bitch." she said with the mischievous smile. Happily I scooted my bottom to the end of the counter and looked at her. She kissed me once more time on the lips as she put her hand on my knees and opened my legs pulling up a bar stool, took a seat and lowered her face between my legs. 

She licked my pussy with probing lips and little bites of her tongue as I moaned, my pussy was dripping and as she licked my hard clit, sucking and swirling her tongue and her lips on me; she moved two fingers in and out of me curling her fingers in as she found my g-spot.  I moaned over and over the heat of passion rising, making me want to let go.  Finally she hummed, the vibrations of her lips sent me over the edge and I came, moaning louder and louder.  "Shhh" she said against my clit only making me moan louder.  After I came she got up and whispered, "Now me."